about aps

APS is the world leader in outfitting sailors. Located in Annapolis, MD, we are staffed by experienced sailors and relied on by cruising and racing sailors alike for our expert knowledge and personal service. Choose from our selection of the best sailing apparel and accessories available to make sure you are always prepared for the conditions you may face on the water. Check out articles and videos on how to choose gear, gear care, and tips; and also Expert Reviews which highlight more in-depth, practical product information. Live chat or email our friendly staff to ensure you get the sailing gear you need.
Since 1991, APS has been the place to outfit you and your boat with all of your sailing clothing, apparel and foul weather gear needs; sailboat line and rope; boat parts, gear, and hardware. In 2024, APS was reborn as a fully expanded and dedicated sailing apparel company to focus on the needs of all sailors. APS is the premier and world leader in outfitting sailors. Let us know how we can assist you.
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